At this time of year, with GCSE exams now over, it will soon be time to make your final A Level subject choices.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider Maths when making your A Level subject choices.


One of the best reasons to choose an A Level subject is the fact that you enjoy the subject.


Employers are keen on candidates who have A Level Maths.

 Problem solving skills

A Level Maths develops your ability to solve problems in the wider world as well as the mathematical world.

 Logical thought

Studying A Level Maths encourages your ability to think logically.

 Language of the universe

Maths is the language of the universe.

 Everything Else Seems Easy

If you can master Maths at A Level, everything else will seem easier.

Business Studies

If you are thinking of studying Business Studies at university, you will find A Level Maths extremely useful, even if the course you are interested in does not list it as an essential.

 Computer Sciences

If you want to study computers or computer sciences at university, you won’t find it easy without A Level Maths.

 Beauty of Maths

You will often hear mathematicians talk about the beauty of maths. It’s not until you study maths at A Level or higher that you begin to really appreciate the beautiful nature of maths.

Last but not least,

Increase your earnings by up to 10%

This might surprise you but research has shown that people with A Level Maths tend to earn between 7% and 10% more than their peers who do not have a Maths A level. The increased earnings does not depend on having an A grade either, simply having an E grade Maths A Level or higher will significantly increase your earnings potential.

If this seems too good to be true and you want to know more, read this article from the Times Educational Supplement

The full text of the original article by Anna Vignoles, published in CentrePiece, the magazine of the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE, is available from LSE.

The range of subjects and career paths where A Level maths is either essential or highly desirable is surprisingly broad. As a rough guide, here is a list for you:


Actuarial Science

Aeronautical Engineering


Banking and Finance



Civil Engineering

Computing/Computer Sciences


Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Environmental Sciences

Marine Engineering


Mechanical Engineering




Veterinary Science