Answer the 10 questions below and you should be able to make sure you pick a suitable calculator, at the right price.

1 What do you want the calculator for?

2 Does your school have a recommended model?

3 Does your school sell calculators at cost?

4 What features do you need now?

5 What features will you need in the (near) future?

6 Does the calculator have a protective cover?

7 Is the calculator solar powered, battery or both?

8 Which calculators are allowed in to the exams you will be taking?

9 How much am I willing to spend on a calculator?

10 Does the calculator look like you would find it easy to use?

Buying calculators, most people find there are just too many to choose from. Take a few minutes to answer the questions above, and you should be able to start looking with a clear idea of what you need.