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The Vorderman Report on Mathematics Educ...

The Vorderman Report on Mathematics Education

In August 2011 Carol Vorderman’s report – A world-class mathematics education for all our young people – was published. For those who struggled with Maths in secondary school, who are struggling now or who have children who are finding Maths difficult, the report makes particularly interesting reading. I recommend that all parents with school age […]

Dyscalculia – what is it?

Dyscalculia – what is it?

Dyscalculia is dysfunction in the reception, comprehension or production of quantitive and spatial information. The Department for Education describes Dyscalculia as follows: Pupils with dyscalculia have difficulty in acquiring mathematical skills. Pupils may have difficulty understanding simple number concepts, lack an intuitive grasp of numbers and have problems learning number facts and procedures. Put simply, dyscalculia […]