If you found the transition from GCSE Maths to A Level Maths more difficult than you expected, don’t worry – lots of people find this a tricky time. Usually it’s just a case of getting used to the more rigorous style of Maths at A Level. Sometimes people find that they have a few knowledge gaps that need to be filled quickly, whether it is a topic that somehow got missed, or a topic that you thought you knew and understood well but now don’t feel so sure. If you have access to a GCSE textbook or a GCSE revision guide, you may well be able to fill the gap yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for advice. It’s better to ask sooner rather than later.

You’ve tried working through a GCSE textbook or revision guide, and you’ve asked your teacher for help, but still need more help? Why not try a few sessions of one-to-one tuition. Individual tuition can be a very effective and efficient way to fill in the gaps and help your A Level studies go more smoothly.