With exams coming up in May and June, now is a good time to start revising and preparing for GCSEs and A levels.

If you live in the Witney area, how about giving your revision a kick start with some individual Maths tuition? I currently have a few vacancies for GCSE and A Level revision lessons over the Easter holidays. Whether you are aiming for an A* or you just want to be able to get through the exams without panicking, individual Maths tuition can be a great help! You might be surprised how much difference just a couple of hours of individual tuition can make to your confidence level.

10 Ways individual Maths tuition can help you with your revision:

  1. You spend at least an hour on revision and exam preparation, with no distractions or diversions!
  2. It’s an ideal way to tackle the problem areas and topics that you probably avoid when you revise on your own
  3. You have a chance to ask questions, as many questions as you like, without worrying about what anyone else thinks
  4. Going through past papers with a tutor, you can learn exactly where you dropped marks, and learn how to avoid those same mistakes in your exams
  5. Making sure you know how to set out your answers clearly, to ensure that you get all the marks you can, method marks as well as the answer marks
  6. Learning how to pace yourself in the exam – how not to spend 10 minutes on something that will only give you 1 mark!
  7. Understanding the mark schemes and what the examiners are looking for can help you get all the marks you can, as efficiently as you can
  8. Improving your understanding so you can answer exam questions, even if they are worded or set out in an unfamiliar way
  9. Going over any topics you may have missed out on
  10. Last but not least, improving your confidence

If you think some individual Maths tuition might help you prepare for your exams, why not book a session and try it? If you’d like to book some tuition or you just have a few questions to ask, email me. I’ll get back to you promptly! You can also give me a call with any questions you have, see my contact details here.

You can also find the answers to some of the most popular questions people ask on the Tuition and FAQs page.