Calculators and GCSE Maths – a subject that doesn’t seem to get much attention but is very important.

If you’re not sure whether to buy a calculator or borrow one from school, I suggest you buy your own. If you have your own calculator, you can get used to where the keys are, and how the calculator works. The basics are generally the same, but there are subtle differences between brands, and between models from the same brand. It is much better to go into an exam with a calculator you know well, and are confident in using.

A good calculator for GCSE Maths should cost in the region of between £4 and £15. When choosing a calculator, make sure you don’t pick a programmable model, as they are not allowed in GCSE exams. Look for a scientific calculator, like the Casio FX-83ES, Casio FX83GT, Hewlett Packard HP10S, or Sharp EL531.

Even in the £15 and under price range, calculators have an excellent range of features.  More than enough to get you through GCSE Maths, most scientific calculators in this range are also perfectly adequate for A level Maths too.

Calculators and GCSE Maths – calculators are an essential part of GCSE Maths, make sure you know how to use yours and make it work for you.