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A Level Maths – prepare for suc...

A Level Maths – prepare for success 4

Graphs and Curve Sketching You need to be able to plot straight line graphs and sketch curves for quadratic, cubic and trigonometric graphs. You  need to understand the effects of transformations of graphs. You need to be able to use graphs to find graphical solutions to equations. Transformations of Graphs Transformations such as translations and […]

GCSE Maths – Maximise your mark...

GCSE Maths – Maximise your marks and your grade

Following these 10 simple tips will help to ensure that you get the most marks you can in your GCSE Maths exams, and therefore the highest grade you can. o       Read the questions carefully. Make sure you read each question in full before you start answering it so you don’t miss any vital pieces of […]

Shape – Transformations

Shape – Transformations

The four types of transformations: Translation Enlargement Reflection Rotation Key facts to remember Translation Describe a translation using a column vector The top number in the column vector tells you how far the translation moves the shape across left or right,  in the x direction The bottom number in the column vector tells you how […]