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Calculators for School

Calculators for School

Take the guess work out of buying calculators for school. Here are my recommendationson on the best models to go for, arranged by study level and/or type of use. For Primary School age children Widgets For Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Levels Widgets For IGCSE, A Levels and beyond Widgets If […]

Calculators – what are the different ...

Calculators – what are the different types of calculator?

Types of calculator If you look on the internet or even on your local High Street, you’ll find that there’s a huge range of calculators available, costing from just a couple of pounds up to hundreds of pounds. So, which one is right for you or your child? What are the different types of calculator? […]

Buying calculators – 10 tips fo...

Buying calculators – 10 tips for getting it right

Answer the 10 questions below and you should be able to make sure you pick a suitable calculator, at the right price. 1 What do you want the calculator for? 2 Does your school have a recommended model? 3 Does your school sell calculators at cost? 4 What features do you need now? 5 What […]

The Vorderman Report on Mathematics E...

The Vorderman Report on Mathematics Education

In August 2011 Carol Vorderman’s report – A world-class mathematics education for all our young people – was published. For those who struggled with Maths in secondary school, who are struggling now or who have children who are finding Maths difficult, the report makes particularly interesting reading. I recommend that all parents with school age […]

Good Study Practices

Good Study Practices

Once formed, habits are hard to change. Get in to the habit of good study practices as soon as you can. The good habits will help you through school, college, and beyond.  Distractions When studying, avoid distractions. Concentrate on your studies, you will achieve more, remember more, and save yourself time. Study in a quiet […]

Efficient Use of Calculators

Efficient Use of Calculators

Calculators do a lot of the hard work for you, so why would you need to use a calculator more efficiently? Using a calculator efficiently is a good habit to get into, as soon as you can. Efficient use of your calculator can save you time in exams, save you time when you’re doing homework, […]